Have Some Fun!

Hello Guys!

I now want to stress and say that studying is very important but each day you need to have your me time where you do fun things.

Having your me time and doing fun activities or pursuing something of your interest actually recharges you. Though it must be said that there should be a healthy 60-40 ratio between studying and having some fun.

Me being a huge football fan, watch a lot of football. Also being a movie buff, I atleast watch one movie per week. And I don’t want to go on about the TV Series’ that I watch and occasionally read a novel or a book.

This things take off my mind from the tensions and relaxes my body so that when I have to get back to studying or doing some important work, I can actually look forward to these with renewed energy.

Good Morning and remember its equally important to have fun!



Hello Guys!

I did not learn anything new today but learnt a lot today. I started off with learning Bubble Sort Algorithm and practiced a few questions just to make sure I have understood Bubble Sort properly.

After that , it was practice and practice on Codeforces , HackerEarth and HackerRank.

While practicing I came across something called String Methods and had to learn about the StringBuffer concept. These two topics changed the way I approach String problems.

It’s not a lot that I learnt today but learned two very essential concepts and of course, I practiced a lot.

Good Night guys.

Discovering Yourself

Hello Guys!

This blog is  going to be pretty short.

Just wanted to say that when you have that zeal to achieve something and actually do something in order to get down that path, you discover yourself, and you start knowing things about you that you wouldn’t have guessed ever. It brings around a positive change in you and ultimately constitutes to a healthy mind and body.



Hello Guys!

Continuing my journey, I finished method overloading concept and also finished learning about Control Flow Statements. A little bored, I decided to do some web development and thus I began learning about BootStrap. It’s a pretty good framework and I devoured every concept that I learned. It took me the whole night to do this but I had decided, I ain’t sleeping till it’s done.

After a couple of hours sleep, I started learning the basics of javascript. JavaScript is just amazing! You can accomplish a lot of things with javascript if you are meaning to become a full-stack developer. It’s a must!

So with a pretty good grip on Java now, I decided I needed to practice and CS is such a field that you have to practice and practice to be called a good programmer. So off I went creating accounts on CodeForces, HackerEarth and HackerRank. Solved and coded a few easy questions on the latter two platforms and believe me, when you are coding on such platforms, every  question provides you with different difficulties and situations and in some questions, you have to browse the web to get things done. This is where you learn a lot of new things. Sites like Quora and StackOverflow are always available if you need help.

That’s about it. Enjoy your day.

How College Can Destroy You!!

Hello Guys!

You must have heard your parents and elder siblings and friends tell you about the fun that they had while in college, and while it may be true, it is not the complete truth.

For most of the students, it is the first time they stay away from home. Oh and the freedom that we experience. We become different people with no one to tell us what to do and how to do it. Freedom is good but we should not bend that freedom and go beyond a certain extent.

You must have heard or seen that college students don’t bath regularly and that they sleep at 4 or 5 in the morning everyday, this is also true but arguably within reason of our freedom. But believe me, drugs, pornography, alcohol, smoking is very common in colleges and can completely destroy you and your career. Please stay away from these things.

Another thing you must have heard is that college students study just one day before exams and secure good marks, well this is certainly not true. If they are getting good marks with just one day of study, they are either geniuses or are lying. I am not saying people fail , just that they do not secure above average marks and nowadays, average is just not enough. This ultimately reduces your CPI and may hinder your chances of getting a good placement or getting into a good reputed university for masters.

My friends who study one day before are mostly failing or are at the bottom end of the class. While I am just above average in my batch, and I start studying atleast 15 days before the exams, I still have a relatively poor CPI.

Exercise your freedom correctly , study hard , work hard.



Hello Guys!!

Today was a great day for me.  I accomplished and studied more than I would have ever imagined.

As you guys know, I started Bucky’s Java Tutorials but deep inside I knew it was not enough. So I bought another course on Udemy, actually bought two that go hand in hand with each other. And the best part is that both the courses are by the same instructer – Tim Buchalka. One of them is the Java Masterclass and the other course is Data Structures and Algorithms in Java. I have not yet started on the OOP concepts in Java but pretty much covered until Method Overloading , i.e, nearly 4 sections. WOW! Along with that I also finished 2 sections in the data structure and algorithms course. Where the first was just an introduction , the second section covered arrays and time complexity. Oh Big-O!

I am getting a good grip on JAVA and hopefully will be able to code like a pro in no time.

Cheers and have a Big-O night!


Hello Guys!

In any task or some job you want to accomplish, if you want to achieve your target, a good sense of time-management is a must.

Pre-planning is a pretty good way to start. Planning your day before-hand makes use of efficient energy of our body as well as we can do a lot more things than we could have if we do not plan. Thinking and planning ahead also calms the mind as you know if everything goes according to the plan, you can live the rest of the day tension free and can plan for the next day.

One very important point regarding thinking ahead is the breathing room. Unexpected events and occurrences happen daily. Some plans are just made on the spot. For such hindrances, allot a certain breathing room everyday. And if no hindrances occur, you could use the extra time doing something productive or just relaxing yourself which too is very important.

I have pre-planned the things I am gonna study this entire semester already. Till now, I am on schedule, actually ahead of schedule(breathing room) and hopefully will continue to be on schedule for the rest of this term.

Have a nice day and start planning!!